Weekend of May 20, 2022

Guest: Max Cavalera

Testament – Into the Pit
Black Label Society – You Made me want to Live 
Sacred Reich – Who’s to Blame
Arch Enemy – Sunset Over the Empire
Sepultura – Inner Self
Miss May I – Unconquered
Exodus – Strike of the Beast
Slayer – Haunting the Chapel
Opeth – Width of a Circle
Mastodon – Where Strides the Behemoth
Machine Head – Choke on the Ashes of your Hate

Iron Maiden – Die with your Boots on 
AlexisonFire – Sweet Dreams of Otherness
Sepultura – Arise
Lions at the Gate – Find My Way 
Anthrax – Among the Living
Architects – When we were Young
Helloween – I Want Out
Meshuggah – I am the Thirst
Danzig – Evil Thing
Bullet For My Valentine – omen