Nergal from Behemoth on the show this weekend!

Adam ‘Nergal’ Darski of Polish Extreme Metallers BEHEMOTH will be my guest on the show this weekend! Listen in for new music from Torche & Six Feet Under, plus another edition of Jasta’s Weekly Pick From The Pit, Music from Megadeth & Iron Maiden, The Dethklok Brutal Pick of the Week & More! \m/  


Neil Fallon of Clutch on the show this weekend!

Clutch singer Neil Fallon is our guest this weekend! Their tour with MASTODON kicks off next week. I’ll be premiering new music from COAL CHAMBER & TAU CROSS plus Jamey Jasta checks in for another edition of JASTAS WEEKLY PICK FROM THE PIT, plus we’ll hear from another member of DETHKLOK for the DETHKLOK BRUTAL PICK…


Lemmy on the show this week!!

This week the one and only Lemmy Kilmister will be a guest on the show. Listen in for tunes from Agnostic Front, Jasta’s Weekly Pick From The Pit, The Dethklok Brutal Pick Of The Week & bands you will find on Motorhead’s Motorboat Cruise which happens in the fall (go to for info.) \m/