Chris Jericho guests on the show this weekend!

This week Chris Jericho will be my guest on the show to talk about the new supergroup BLOOD DIVISIONS! We’ll hear from Jamey Jasta for another edition of Jasta’s Weekly Pick From The Pit, also music from Testament, The Devil Wears Prada, Iron Maiden & More! And don’t forget another installment of The Dethklok Brutal…


Lemmy of Motorhead on the show this week!

This week we celebrate the release of the new Motorhead album BAD MAGIC which comes out 8/28 – Lemmy of Motorhead will be my guest! Listen in to the show for music off BAD MAGIC, plus tunes from: Clutch, Exodus – JASTA’S WEEKLY PICK FROM THE PIT, Pantera, The Dethklok Brutal Pick Of The Week…


Matt Pike of High on Fire on the show this week!

This week High on Fire singer-guitarist Matt Pike will be my guest! I’ll be premiering new music from My Dying Bride – plus we’ll get to tunes from Children of Bodom, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Jasta’s Weekly Pick From The Pit, Slipknot, The Dethklok Brutal Pick of the week & More! \m/