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Weekend of May 15, 2015

Guest: Jamey Jasta
Overkill – Hammerhead
All That Remains – True Kvlt Metal
Sacred Reich – Surf Nicaragua
Anthrax – Caught in a Mosh
Jamey Jasta – The Immortal
Discharge – Protest & Survive
Megadeth – Five Magics
War of Ages – From Ashes
Pantera – Cemetery Gates
Venom – From The Very Depths 
Hatebreed – Destroy Everything
Iron Maiden – The Number of The Beast
Coal Chamber – IOU Nothing 
Sleep – The Druid 
Metallica – Crash Course in Brain Surgery 
Slayer – When The Stillness Comes
Kyuss – Green Machine 
Buckethead – Breakfast Cyborg
Shattered Sun – Hope Within Hatred 
Black Sabbath – Falling Off The Edge Of The World
Black Sabbath – The Sign of the Southern Cross